Double Ricochet

Lessons Learned on the Journey to Alphadom

Even Jesus Would Facepalm

I never thought I’d see an example of borderline contemptible betatude than this. It’s not even a situation where it’s worth dishing out a neg or two to put this crazy bitch in place.

I’ll run through the mistakes I found:

Poor body language:- Looking down all the time, doesn’t take ownership of the space around him.

No vocal projection:- Sounds like a total wuss and lacks the bass that makes the vag tingle.

Smiles too much:- This guy’s just sitting there smiling and taking all this shit. It’s not amused mastery. It’s just being a loser.

IOI for IOD:- Actually tries to converse with this girl who’s blatantly disrespecting him.

Qualifies himself:- “When you see a dog, you don’t try and make him into a cat.” Christ. Somebody point this guy in Krauser or Roissy’s direction.

Lets her interrupt him:- Would a king tolerate this from someone outside of his kingdom? Fuck no he wouldn’t.

Doesn’t defend himself:- I’m not saying that he should get into a shouting match, but some witty retorts delivered with sniper-like accuracy would knock that obnoxious bitch of her self-imposed pedestal.

What do all these monumental displays of weakness lead to? The ultimate disrespect – she throws food at him. He sits there and takes it.

Doesnt that make you feel a bit sick.

If you ever find yourself in that situation (it shouldn’t have gotten to that stage in the first place but) just walk the fuck away.



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