Double Ricochet

Lessons Learned on the Journey to Alphadom

Random thought gathering

Fact’: Women are attracted to indifferent men. This has been proven across the blogosphere and is a fundamental law of game.

However, it’s not the apparent disinterest itself that attracts women. If a rock solid beta started trying to act aloof the girl would probably breathe a sigh of relief. It comes across as a tactic to get a single girl. When alphas show indifference, it’s because they actually have options and genuinely don’t care about a single girl.

If you had a bag of M&Ms and dropped one, you probably wouldn’t care if you dropped one. If you dropped an ice cream, you’d probably be more annoyed.

So it’s not indifference itself that’s attractive, but what it implies. Options.

How can a beta utilise the power of aloofness correctly? Probably by talking to different women. Lots of them. So many that you forget to text a couple. That means becoming fearless and approaching girls everyday.

Nobody said the path to alphadom was smooth sailing.


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