Double Ricochet

Lessons Learned on the Journey to Alphadom

I’m Back

Thought it would be a good idea to start the blog up again after my rant last time.


Even Jesus Would Facepalm

I never thought I’d see an example of borderline contemptible betatude than this. It’s not even a situation where it’s worth dishing out a neg or two to put this crazy bitch in place.

I’ll run through the mistakes I found:

Poor body language:- Looking down all the time, doesn’t take ownership of the space around him.

No vocal projection:- Sounds like a total wuss and lacks the bass that makes the vag tingle.

Smiles too much:- This guy’s just sitting there smiling and taking all this shit. It’s not amused mastery. It’s just being a loser.

IOI for IOD:- Actually tries to converse with this girl who’s blatantly disrespecting him.

Qualifies himself:- “When you see a dog, you don’t try and make him into a cat.” Christ. Somebody point this guy in Krauser or Roissy’s direction.

Lets her interrupt him:- Would a king tolerate this from someone outside of his kingdom? Fuck no he wouldn’t.

Doesn’t defend himself:- I’m not saying that he should get into a shouting match, but some witty retorts delivered with sniper-like accuracy would knock that obnoxious bitch of her self-imposed pedestal.

What do all these monumental displays of weakness lead to? The ultimate disrespect – she throws food at him. He sits there and takes it.

Doesnt that make you feel a bit sick.

If you ever find yourself in that situation (it shouldn’t have gotten to that stage in the first place but) just walk the fuck away.


Random thought gathering

Fact’: Women are attracted to indifferent men. This has been proven across the blogosphere and is a fundamental law of game.

However, it’s not the apparent disinterest itself that attracts women. If a rock solid beta started trying to act aloof the girl would probably breathe a sigh of relief. It comes across as a tactic to get a single girl. When alphas show indifference, it’s because they actually have options and genuinely don’t care about a single girl.

If you had a bag of M&Ms and dropped one, you probably wouldn’t care if you dropped one. If you dropped an ice cream, you’d probably be more annoyed.

So it’s not indifference itself that’s attractive, but what it implies. Options.

How can a beta utilise the power of aloofness correctly? Probably by talking to different women. Lots of them. So many that you forget to text a couple. That means becoming fearless and approaching girls everyday.

Nobody said the path to alphadom was smooth sailing.

Outcome Independency Is Not a Tactic

A lot of pickup material is linked to the concept of not being outcome dependent, (i.e. not going up to a girl with a fixed end point in mind).

The temptation is to try to use outcome independency as a way to get girls, but think about it for a second. In using outcome independency as a way to get laid, you defeat the purpose of outcome independency.

If you’re trying to not to focus on the endgame as a way to get laid, well, you’re contradicting yourself. If you try not to be outcome dependent and think it’s magic key to the Pussy Kingdom only to fail, you’ll end up frustrated and angry because you were actually depending on outcome independency to get some ass.

That’s because it’s not a tactic, it’s a way of life.

Example, for the past few months I’ve been going to clubs and trying not to focus on getting girls, only to be frustrated when I went home alone. You can imagine what kind of headspace I was in. “I’m not just thinking about getting laid, so I should be getting laid!”

I went out last night with a two friends and a friend’s girlfriend with my aim being true outcome independency. I danced like noone was watching. I talked like no-one was around. I acted like everything I did was awesome. It was the best night out I’ve had recently.

I got the interest of some girls but I messed up at some stage (haven’t fully internalised the concepts of game yet) when I actually talked to them for a bit. The point is, before I would have been angry at myself for not getting any girls, but right now, I just don’t give a damn. It was an awesome night anyway.